(b. 1954, Israeli-Dutch) has written, directed, and produced documentary films internationally since the late 1980s. Brunner sides with the dispossessed, unrepresented, and the ‘other’. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Jewish and modern Israeli history, and inspiring individuals are the subject matters of his films. His work is subversive in nature and has proven to be a thorn in the collective Israeli establishment’s backside.



is a member of parliament in the Netherlands. He is the son of a Palestinian father and Dutch mother. He was interim head of humanitarian campaigns at an international development organization and has worked for several human rights organisations in Palestine. El Fassed is the author of ‘Niet iedereen kan stenen gooien’ and has initiated several successful social media initiatives.


is the soul-child of veteran director-producer Alexandra Jansse who founded it in 2001 with the mission to produce films that matter – stories that utilize our collective human experience and offer new perspectives on our existence. Xela Films productions have been shown internationally on ARTE, TVE (Spain), Spiegel TV (Germany), Al-Jazeera, SBS Australia, Discovery Channel Europe, Dutch TV, Israeli TV, and others.


is an idea-driven graphic design collaboration based in Rotterdam, formed by Ties Alfrink and Hugo de Pagter. In early 2009, after having gained experience as designers at Categorie 1, Studio Dumbar (Ties), Nike and Vijf890 (Hugo) they felt the need to set up their own shop.


is a design studio founded by James Burke which explores and critically thinks about culture, communities and new technologies to meaningfully intervene or develop new products and services.

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