The Great Book Robbery

chronicles of a cultural destruction
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Aljazeera WITNESS broadcast

After lots of labour in the editing room... The Great Book Robbery finally had its world premiere on Aljazeera English’s WITNESS strand on May 9th. and was aired daily for the entire week until May 16th. Director Benny Brunner wrote: "The Aljazeera 'ride' was one amazing experience: the astonishing potential of their global reach and exposure; an overwhelming quantity (and quality) of viewers feedback; and a real sense of making a difference. Thank you all for your support." Read more

Israel robbed Jewish books from Jews, too ...

The Great Book Robbery was Israel's Cultural Policy Against Palestinians and ... YES ... Jews. Read more

The Destruction of Palestinian Library and Cultural Resources in 2002 by Tom Twiss

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  The Great Book Robbery may have been the first case in which the government of Israel conducted an assault upon libraries, but it was not the last. Here, I want to recall a more recent case of the destruction of Palestinian libraries.   Read more

Israel Can Never Steal Our Heritage by Rana Baker

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  We Palestinians have nothing to cherish more than our roots and ancestral identity. To us, olive trees and the shade in which our grandparents rested or lovers used to secretly meet weave together sweet pre-dispossession memories.   Read more

The Displacement of an Imagined People: Tourism, Biblical Romanticism, and Orientalism in Pre-Mandate Palestine 1840-1922

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  This is an introduction to Kali Harper's undergraduate Honors thesis.    Introduction Read more


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Overdue Books: Returning Palestine’s “Abandoned Property” of 1948 by Hannah Mermelstein

This article first appeared in the Jerusalem Quarterly in Autumn 2011. Cultural genocide extends beyond attacks upon the physical and/or biological elements of a group and seeks to eliminate its wider institutions... Elements of cultural genocide are manifested when artistic, literary, and cultural activities are restricted or outlawed and when national treasures, libraries, archives, museums, artifacts, and art galleries are destroyed or confiscated. – David Neressian.1 Read more

Book plunder, the loss of culture and the way forward

Since occupation started erasing Palestinian culture, by the grand book theft, by the appropriation of historic sites, the change of place names into Hebrew names, and the daily control of books that can access the Palestinian areas, many have struggled to preserve our culture. The Arab Women's Union in Bethlehem re-printed old Palestinian books, researchers such as Khalil Shokeh worked on publishing books documenting and archiving old Palestinian photography, people such as the Nashashibi's preserved what was left of their old libraries. Read more